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Week 76 – 2019 – Living out a passion to ….

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We’re back!


Keeping Prayer Journal/Lists

Remember that the SWAT Bible studies start back up next week


Today’s guest Andrea Siracusa, from the Dreams Come True Foundation


Layout 1

Revised One Pager Fact Sheet (2019)



5 Core Values of SWAT

1. God’s Word
2. Prayer
3. Evangelism

4. Discipleship
5. Community

Would you start your day without food? Do you start your day without prayer?

Bible studies start up again for the New Year next week. If you’re not attending one of these studies would you consider coming to one of our’s next week? Times and locations are in the show notes or can be found at

Preview of tomorrow’s guest Andrea Siracusa, from the Dreams Come True Foundation

Caller Alicia talks about her prayer life growing after a heath issue came up.



Talk of prayer in the New Year
Prayer can be difficult to include in your day but it’s important to make time for it.
Are you praying for friends?
Do you pray to be a witness to your neighbors?

Prayer resource “Praying the Bible” by Donald Whitney



Taking time to talk about what’s going to happen in 2019
Do you schedule your prayer time?
If you’re too busy to pray then you’re to busy not to pray
Your Christian life starts with prayer


Bible Studies at the following locations will resume January 16, 2019


SWAT – Spiritual Warriors Advancing Truth

Call us Toll-Free at: +1-844-777-7928

Email Us a Question:


Whiteway Deli
1237 King St
Jacksonville, FL
Tues. 7:00-8:00 am

Woody’s Bar-B-Que
226 Solano Rd
Ponte Vedra, FL 10611
Wed. 6:30-7:30 am

Salem Centre
7235 Bonneval Rd
Jacksonville, FL
Wed. 12:00-1:00 pm

Christian Family Chapel, Building D
10365 Old St. Augustine Rd
Jacksonville, FL
Thursday 6:30-7:30 am

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