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1: God’s Word, Our Authority

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Today’s guest Dr Donald Whitney, author, Associate Dean , and Professor of Biblical Spirituality at The Southern Baptist Seminary
Dr Whitney’s books on Amazon
Center for Biblical Spirituality



Dr Donald Whitney had to reschedule for tomorrow.
Pray for East West Ministries

50th Anniversary of the first moon landing
The Squad of 4



Speaking truth in a culture of compromise
You can’t control the person in front of you but you can control how you react to that person.
Applying the Word

Memorizing scripture. Start with Psalm 1



A scorcher today
Classy sportsmanship
Barry, blackout, women’s soccer and homosexuality.
Prayers for Mike and George
The importance of fellowship with brothers.

A storm in the area took out the streaming of the program. If you missed the last half hour it’s here.
John Maisel will the featured speaker
Pray for the SWAT Retreat. 98 guys coming.



The boys are back in town!
Urban evangelism training fron East Side Community Church

Guest on Thursday is Dr Donald Whitney, author, assoc Dean, and professor of Biblical Spirituality at The Southern Baptist Seminary
Link to Dr Whitney Amazon Page
Caller Greg thanking Doug and Brad for their service.



Starting Monday we will be on vacation for two weeks.
Last nights Democrat debate
Rugby player fired for opinion
Census question

Doug’s daughter Rachel is 15 years old today. Happy birthday Rachel!
Caller Blake about Memorizing scripture


Did you see the debate last night?
Tim McKenzie just returned from Israel
If all copies of the Bible were destroyed how many verses could you recreate from memory?



Baptized in Israel

A couple of spots left for the trip to Israel in January 2020
Reclaiming the rainbow
Stonewall movement
The next moral crisis
The revolution continues

Caller Lynn asking about different versions of the Bible and their reading level
Prayers for Bill fighting cancer
Tim McKenzie from On Every World is our guest tomorrow



Through the summer we will be looking at the SWAT core values
A judge rules poorly
While we can preach the gospel we should.
NY Times story claims pro lifer people don’t care about babies.
Bachelorette says Jesus still loves her but her actions doesn’t seem to reflect that
Donald Whitney will be here in 3 weeks



Very hot and humid out today

High wire act above Times Square
What to do about Iran
Supreme ruling on the cross

Shame lost and the rainbow
Caller Anne from Virginia Beach thanking the guys for the program.
Why don’t men read the Bible?
Questions we need to wrestle with about the Bible.


5 Core Values of SWAT

1. God’s Word
2. Prayer
3. Evangelism
4. Discipleship
5. Community



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