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SWAT – 09-08 – Preparing the Bride pt 8

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Friday – September 11, 2020

Bahrain And Israel
‘In the last days’
There was a football game last night?

Pray for the families that were affected by 9/11

The Other 9/11
Finishing up Letters to the Church


Thursday – September 10, 2020

Congressman John Rutherford is Doug’s guest today
His testimony
Discussion on what is happening around the country.
Background checks and gun rights


Wednesday – September 9, 2020

SWAT Study groups are back
God’s Word demands a response
Tearing down history
God’s warnings to His people
For a million dollars


Tuesday – September 8, 2020

Living in interesting times
SWAT groups start this week
Jumping back into Hebrews
Prayer Rally in Seattle denied
Gym controversy
Flags being removed from NJ overpasses
16,000 errors?

Happy Birthday Kate



5 Core Values of SWAT

1. God’s Word
2. Prayer
3. Evangelism
4. Discipleship
5. Community



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