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Summer 2022 – Growing in Spiritual Maturity

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Friday, June 3, 2022

Brad and David Grey NTP are in for the last live broadcast through August
So What…
Celtic beat the Warriors
How do you know what is True?
Caller Austin about the SWAT Studies on Break


Thursday, June 2, 2022

Doug’s guest today is his son, Ryan host of Mil Spec Believer found on most podcast platforms
Also on Instagram
War vs Murder
The difficulty of sharing your faith
Time in the Word


Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Dr. Chuck Coker joins Doug again today
Social experiments in the Armed Services
Step away
Purpose in life
Free Spiritual Gift Test at


Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Doug’s guest today is Dr. Chuck Coker
“Your Work Matters to God”
Helicopter parents




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